Kids Space Overhaul Underway

February 26, 2019

The design+build teams are making huge headway on the new kids environments. The new space will bring all three age groups – nursery, preschool and elementary – together into one centralized area and will be re-imagined to help draw the kids closer into relationship with Jesus and one another.

Don’t take our word for it though; come see for yourself.  Guided tours will be offered the next three Sunday mornings (March 3, March 10, and March 17).  Come walk the space and join us in anticipating how God will draw us into MORE.

Big Space, Big Events

January 20, 2019

With the launching of the updated Worship Centre space and common areas, Central Heights has been active in hosting a number of key headline events.

From Community Christmas and the Canadian Youth Workers Community Conference to the Doxa One Night Only show, we’ve been thrilled to see how the space has facilitated community, connection and the pursuit of Jesus!

Central Cafe Launch

October 17, 2018

Did you know that the new Central Cafe is now open?

Brewing some great drinks in a fresh space for you and those you invite to church on Sunday! Who are you buying coffee for this weekend?

We’re so excited for the outreach and discipleship opportunities this new space offers. We’ve already hosted Alpha and several Men’s Breakfast events here and the best is yet to come!

Celebration Sunday

April 15, 2018

How awesome was Celebration Sunday! It was great to celebrate what God has done through the “MORE” Campaign with our city’s Mayor, our delicious and entertaining after-party, a flash mob of praise, and a message pointing us to be bold in Kingdom living! We also announced a progress update, with $2,611,458 raised towards the $3.5 million goal.

From start to finish, what a party today was at Central Heights! Huge shout out to the enormous amount of people involved in serving today! If you have not yet made your pledge to MORE, you’re still invited to join into what God is doing through this initiative.


Commitment Sunday

April 8, 2018

We’re building for more because Jesus is building for more.”

COMMITMENT SUNDAY for the “MORE” Campaign was a beautiful and visionary set of gatherings at Central Heights!

This coming weekend we’ll be celebrating all God has done through the “MORE” campaign! Be here for one combined service full of surprises – including an update on our fundraising – and then stay for refreshments and entertainment afterwards.

It's Demo Day!

February 18, 2018

Nothing kicks things off quite like demolition day!  We had some great help from our MORE Hands team this weekend helping move pews, haul scaffolding, and pull down drywall as we prepare for paint and electrical work in the Worship Centre, as well as the exciting improvements coming in the Coffee Connection space!

Check out some of the photos for a behind the scenes look at what’s happening!

Kicking off MORE

February 4, 2018

As we begin to seek the Lord for guidance in this endeavour, believing that He had given us the vision for “MORE and growing followers of Jesus,” it was impressed on our hearts that He wants to do “immeasurably MORE than all we can ask or imagine” and we realized that this word MORE was coming up all around us. Together, in this initiative, we’re yearning for MORE of God and his transformative effects on our lives, in our city and around the world – all through his people at Central Heights.

Today, we kicked off a significant time in the life of our church. Join with us as we participate in this journey together.


September 23, 2017

This Spring, we conducted several workshops in regards to the potential renovation for our church building. It was led by our Chairman of the Elders, Brad Willems, and our Lead Pastor, Tim Klassen. Together, we engaged in a number of presentations and lengthy Q & A sessions. Out of that, the response from our congregation was overwhelmingly in support of conducting a renovation to our 1985 building (92%).  We were encouraged to do so with expediency, as with escalating building costs, a time efficient process could have significant cost savings.

Today was a landmark day in the history of our church. At the 2016-2017 Annual General Meeting, the membership overwhelmingly approved a $3.5 million campaign to raise the balance of the required funds.

Expect to hear more in the coming months as we collectively journey towards this greater vision for Central Heights Church.