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Gord & Julie


We live in a world that is desperately searching for connection, expecting to find it behind the next Facebook “Like”, career promotion, fast-paced thrill or superficial relationship. They’re crying out for more… but the more they seek is empty, unfulfilling and ultimately leads to brokenness.

“God has been impressing on us that his Spirit is at work around the world. Yet even as we look around, there are so many here in Abbotsford that have turned away from truth and some haven’t even heard the Gospel right here in our own city! While serving in the Welcome Center on Sunday, Gord and I observed how friendly and welcoming our foyer has become since the recent facelift. It is uncluttered, bright and modern and is inviting to people new to our church. And this is only the beginning! There is so much MORE to come!” – Gord & Julie

Everyone needs a third space. A gathering place to find community and connection. A place beyond work and the home, where everyone is welcome. Central Heights creates that space to engage in real community, fostering deep relationship and meaningful connections.