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There is a hunger in those at Central Heights for more of God in every way: in how we study the Bible, in how we worship and in how we build relationships. Central Heights has been intentional about creating a place to learn and grow together, where authenticity is welcomed in every conversation and interaction. And we know God is calling for more of every part of this.

“Creating an updated and beautiful space isn’t a prerequisite for authentic worship, but as we enter Central Heights, we can walk into a place that was created with intention. This focus allows us to connect with God and others. We do all this to point direct attention to God who is worthy of all the glory. I’m excited to be a part of a church community that wants to move!” – Gina

God wants a relationship with each of us. He is not restricted to a building in order to make that happen. But, wouldn’t it be amazing to have a space that was more consistent to foster an intentional relationship with Him and His followers at every turn? Rather than the obvious disrepair of certain sections of the building being a potential distraction, imagine the impact if every part of the worship environment in this building pointed to the excellency of God.