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Renovations are nothing new. We start (and try to finish!) them in our homes and we watch shows about it on HGTV. Once these renovations are completed, we are able to look back and marvel both at where it started from and the results of hard work and careful planning. As it turns out, Central Heights Church underwent a major expansion in 1985 and all of this holds true as we reflect on the similarities between then and today.

“At the time, we were in Nikkel Hall and we had a capacity of about 580 people with a west wall that opened up to provide overflow. We were 100% full at the time and we needed more room beyond that overflow. In addition, at that time, the planning team was focused on expanding ministries. Sunday School was a big program and we had identified a need for continued Christian education within church. On April 26, 1981, the congregation voted to expand on the present site, resulting in the building that is now home to our Worship Centre. This vote passed with 67.6% in favor and the bylaws required a 2/3 majority. The Lord’s providence was so clear in this moment, as we embarked on the $2.3 million expansion initiative.

Building plans were drawn up. Given the focus on enhanced Christian Education, a basement was added to the plans.  At the time, it was a big decision but looking back, it was a good decision to make.

During that building project, [Bill] was on the Board of Elders and was busy stewarding the church’s finances through the construction process. [Evelyn] was on the Planning Committee and involved in making design decisions for that project.

Fast forward to today, and we are so encouraged by what we see. Even though the construction numbers seem astronomical, we sense this is very doable. We love the idea of making more room and space for the Worship Centre, where we provide options and variety for those who want to engage at different points. It is time to re-invest inward. This project gives us the opportunity for interaction, explanation and encouragement. Surely the Lord will be honored as we go through this process together.” – Bill & Evelyn

Like in 1985, MORE centers around prayerfully identifying our needs, collective hard work, and careful planning. The results of our 1985 expansion have given us much to be thankful for and we know that during and after this project, we will be able to marvel at how much MORE growth we see in ourselves, in our community and in our future.