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Ben & Sarah


Jesus, in his ministry, tells the story of the servants who were given money to invest. The Master was called away from his home on business, and gives each of his servants some silver and instructs them to invest it for him in his leave. Check out Luke 19 to hear the rest of the story, but here is a spoiler: upon his return the master visits each of the servants he had entrusted monies to. Some of the servants had seen a gain of five and ten times the amount they were given; and to them the master, newly made king, says well done, and gives them large territories in his kingdom to rule.

In the same manner, he continues down the line expecting to see a return from his other employees and finds that one of them has nothing more to offer than the original amount he was entrusted with.

“Now growing up in the church, it is easy to say that this parable is obviously about making disciples and sharing our faith, and leading the lost to Jesus, through the Holy Spirit. But, I also have to believe that Jesus was talking as much about that as he was about being financially responsible. Investing our monies, for growth, for the encouragement of others and for taking care of what’s been given to us…We need to step out in faith, we need to invest our monies, we need to take care of what has been given to us, and in doing so, the King will reward us with more to take care of, increasing our territory, and giving us MORE, so we can in turn make MORE and GROWING” – Ben


We are asked to step out in an act of faith and obedience to a Father who has given us so much. He has asked us to steward well these gifts and in doing so, He will change the hearts and lives of people by showing them Jesus. Take our Youth Ministry as a prime example. On a Thursday Youth night, we see 120 students (on average) use our building as a way to connect with each other, with their leaders and with God in new and meaningful ways. They play games, worship and learn together in different areas of our building.

“And when I see how our kids are moving in their relationship with God, I’m so thankful for the amazing youth ministry we’ve got going on. My oldest now prays like he’s actually praying to someone real and my youngest prays for the homeless man on the side of the road. And then can’t sleep because the man was still on his heart!” – Sarah

Our building is a gathering place: a place for community. Imagine our impact on the next generation as God uses our building to inspire them, draw them in, and multiply them. If we want this ministry to continue to grow and change hearts, we must invest in all areas of this program, which includes the physical space.