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Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world. Who remembers this song from Sunday School? We are all children of God and the youngest of our congregation are the next generation of influencers in our world.

“As a mother, there is nothing that I care about more than seeing our two year old son experience God. And as a Kindergarten teacher at a local Christian school, I’ve seen firsthand how God can use children to build His church. The reality is that times have changed – education techniques, technology, and learning styles all impact how we do ministry today. We can’t expect the ministry programs and facilities of the 1980’s to engage our children in the same way. So as I look to MORE, I can’t help but be excited for our children’s ministry to have a secure environment where kids can thrive, develop, and grow into their God-given potential, gaining tools to be bold for Jesus in their homes, schools and neighbourhoods, changing the world for His Kingdom!” – Amber

Children are the future of the church and we need to invest in them spiritually through teaching, emotionally through encouragement, and physically through inspiring, healthy classrooms. If we want to see a different city, community and world than we live in now,
this investment in our children is vital.